Marie Payne has over 30 years experience as a weaver. She designs, hand-dyes and weaves the fabrics for MarieJosette's wearable art jackets, capes, shawls and scarves, using only the finest yarns available, most often silk or tencel. To achieve permanent pleating with her woven shibori fabrics, she uses polyester yarns. Marie spends time experimenting with other exotic and unusual materials to create the desired results for her weaving.

Nature is the strongest inspiration for both Marie's colour choices when dyeing her yarns and influences her weave structure design. Other sources come from historic and enthic textiles, or paintings found during visitis to museums and galleries; and she collects interesting fabrics discovered in retail shops. Marie then begins the process, choosing yarns and dye colours that echo her inspiration at the time. "I often choose a palette that is grounded in nature," says Marie, "because I feel that it is most likely to resonate on a personal level for our clients who will ultimately wear our work." Hand-dyeing and/or painting the yarns, she adheres to precise methods of craftsmanship that ensure an end reslt that is vibrant in both look and feel.

Once the yarn has been dyed, the loom is set up. This can be a lengthy process depending on the complexity of the weave structure. The weaving can begin. The weave structure and the length of the warp determines how long it will take to weave the fabric off. Once completed, the fabric must be washed and pressed, ready for Josette to transform it into a MarieJosette
one-of-a-kind or limited edition piece of wearable art.

Marie is most willing to share her knowledge and expertise when asked to do so, teaching classes, workshops or jurying for weaving exhibitions. She is also on the board of directors for Just for Us Originals - The Wearable Art Show, and co-founder of the Mississauga Artisan Studio Tour and the Arts on the Credit - a fine craft & art show.