Marie Payne and Josette Luyckx are textile artists/designers who have been collaborating together since 1997, producing their line of MarieJosette wearable art. Their works include both limited edition and one-of-a-kind women's jackets, capes, shawls and scarves.

Their working relationship is very unique. Not only do they work separately in their own studios. But, and this is the unique aspect of their relationship; they discuss nothing when starting new work. Each lets the other do what they do best, resulting in each others creativity realized to its fullest, ending with work that is always harmonious.

Marie, dyer and weaver, whose inspiration comes from the world around her, starts the process. Spending time exploring new colour ways, designing the weave structure, and sampling with the desired yarns. Once her vision is achieved, Marie will begin hand-dyeing the necessary yarns. Once the dyeing is complete, the loom will be dressed and the weaving can begin. Depending on the complexity of the weave structure and the yarns used will determine the time needed to weave the fabric. Marie only weaves a small amount of yardage, never exceeding 10 yards. The fabric is washed, pressed and delivered to Josette.

Josette, inspired by the fabrics lives with them until they speak. At that time she will start designing the next new piece. Sketching ideas, re-working it until the desired style is achieved. At that point she begins to draft the pattern for the next jacket or cape. The process of creating the pattern can be lengthy at times; making samples, fine tuning the pattern until it is perfected. With a final pattern, Josette, can now begin to cut and build the new piece. Jackets, capes and their sleeved shawl are assembled using dupioni silk, bias binding everything together. Depending on the design of a piece, embellishments maybe incorporated into the finish look. these can take the form of beading, free-motion embroidery, ribbon work, machine quilting, hand-tatting, fringing and a host of other techniques. Josette is always exploring new ways of pushing the boundaries in the design and assembley of each new work.

Marie and Josette have come to realize that new works and custom orders take a minimum of three months to create. Giving each the time to explore, research and develop their ideas. And with custom orders, the time to consult with a client.

MarieJosette are always active, they can be found at a number of high-end shows throughout the year. Their work has been shown in a number of high-end wearable art fashion shows both in Canada and the States. Their works have been included in numerous gallery exhibitions. In 2011, they were recognized by the American Handweavers Guild for work demonstrating outstanding creativity and craftsmanship in fiber arts, and in 2012 they are NICHE Award finalist. Their wearable art pieces are worn by both high-profile Canadians and Americans. Marie and Josette are the founding members of the ArtWear Network, a collective of women textile artists devoted to wearable art.

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