Josette Luyckx designs and builds all MarieJosette wearable art. She has been designing and sewing for close to 30 years, with the last 15 years dedicated to wearable art. She originally taught herself to sew, but expanded her knowledge by enrolling into George Browns nightschool fashion program. Deciding it was time for a change, Josette left a career of 10 years, returning to school full-time at Ryerson University's degree program in fashion design.

Never knowing what she may receive from Marie, Josette always waits for the fabric to speak before beginning to design anything. For her the fabric very much dictates the shape, style, and finishings for each piece. Only then will she begin to design the next new jacket or cape, sketching out ideas, refining them and at the same time researching and exploring how to create a certain style line, embellishment, or a new technique for assembling a piece.

With a sketch of a new design, she will begin drafting a pattern, making rough patterns and samples, tweaking the pattern until the desired shape has been accomplished. Having a background in fashion, Josette, is not afraid of creating shape and interestng style lines into each piece, one of the many features that set MarieJosette art-to-wear apart from other handwoven wearable art garments. A final pattern is then made and cutting of the fabric can begin. New works are assembled using bias binding cut from silk dupioni. By using the binding to assemble the jackets, they are clean finished inside and being clean inside means that she can avoid lining the jackets. This allows each piece to come alive and the client experiences the beauty of the fabric next to her skin.

Embellishment may take many forms, anything from weaving in an stitched ribbon into the sleeve of a shrug; free-motion embroidered sleeves; hand-tatted trim around a sleeve shawl, to a machine quilted collar; to beading a fringe and much more. Josette can easily spend an additional hundred hours in embellishments

Josette lets the fabrics dictate what they want to be. Everything she does in the way of style, cut, finishings, embellishments is to always enhance that individual fabric, which means a new fabric and a new exciting design.

Josette participates in exhibitions with both her own art-to-wear as well as contemporary textile arts. She shares her passion for sewing and patternmaking as an instructor at Sew Be It/Sew Be It Girl, teaching all ages and levels. She is also the sewing instructor at a newcomers centre teaching seniors, and is now collaborating with a batik artist to plan a program for youth at risk.

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